Monitors - CRT or LCD?

I am purchasing a new monitor, I need to decide on type. LCD or CRT? Is there a diferance in image quality? Life span?..

LCD may look cool and take up less space, but CRT’s will give you more accurate colors and wider viewing angles and you’ll get more value for your money. Let’s face it, you still can’t buy a 22" LCD for under $1K.

Personally, I have been eyeing off the Dell 21" LCD for some time now. The price generally drops below $650 (sometimes US$550) and the screen refresh is getting up there so I can use the monitor for gaming aswell.

For the past couple of years I have been shifting from a high-end laptop (17" lcd) to a workstation with twin 21" CRT’s. I no longer notice any real difference when I am modelling and I don’t do graphics work on either (other than basic stuff). I generally don’t rely on my screen for real life colour, just a close approximation (I get prototypes, mockups, etc. done before settling on a fine colour) so I am finding myself leaning towards getting my work space back hence an LCD. If I get the opportunity I will switch my two CRT’s for LCD’s.

I haven’t noticed a lot of problems with viewing angle, especially with the latest stuff. (I like Sony’s monitors too but they are pricey.)

Just my opinion. :slight_smile:

how much you want for those CRTs

lets deal.

I switched to lcd over a year ago and I’m loving it. No headaches or annoying hum, more desk space, transportation ease when rearranging, etc. I have a 17" mac lcd and it’s colors arent’ any less accurate than any other crt I’ve ever had an opportunity to use. As for the viewing angle I always hear criticized, when I work I tend to look at my screen straight on, not at an angle.
Maybe viewing angle considerations come into play if you have one of those huge 30" screens, or you’re trying to show something to a group of people on one screen, or you’re spying on your employees to make sure they’re working and not surfing…in those instances I guess you’ll need a wide viewing angle (but then the image will still be skewed, right?).

I swiched to LCD 6 years ago and would NEVER go back. CRT may have a little better resolution but it is hard to notice.

I’ll never go back to CRT, not after getting my lovely 20" Apple LCD…The colors are just fine to me (and adjustable through colorsync), and brightness/contrast are wonderful. I also like how it has zero flicker…that and the lack of whining noise are enough for me.

Viewing angle - on mine, 180 degrees horizontally, and almost that much vertically. Pretty damn good.

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