monitor woes


daddy is buying a new monitor set up budget is relatively low…400

2 19s?
1 22?


software using-Rhino/Vray/Maxwell, PS, Illustrizzle

needs-lotsa color, dvi, awesomeness.



I vote 2 - 19’s.

No particular reasoning, other than 2 is better than 1 when considering almost anything.

except…types of skin fungus.

I’ve got two 19" flat panels and it’s pretty sweet. Menus and palettes on one side, work area in the other. I also keep MS Outlook open all day on one side.

Go for two. Write it off as a productivity tool - which it is.

yeah, dual screens are good. my friend here had 5 set up just to out dorkify our friend in seattle…it was quite an amusing ‘war’.

I will prolly go for 2.

any brand/spec suggestions? remember 400 bones to spend.