Mongolian Shoe BBQ from PUMA

Wow that is amazing concept from PUMA.
Comparing to NIKE’s I.D concept, PUMA’s is bit more playful and child like.
I wonder how far this personalization of Shoe can go in the future.

I am not sure what you are talking about-do you have a link or pics??

sounds cool

Sorry about no link for the Post.
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Well at a $130 bucks a pair it can go further…

Yeah its a good concept, not really mindblowing or revolutionary, but interesting.

The word “gimmick” just seems to want to pop into my head at this point, But I really don’t want to use that word in this context because there is a really good idea somewhere in there. (something about the execution and using the words “playful and childlike” to describe it that bothers me.)

It does allow for customization and personalization but only on a superficial level. It needs to go deepr with it and allow the buyer to spec the durometer of the midsoles, a varied group of materials from hi performance synthetics to radically sublimated leathers to be truly beneficial and useful to the wearer. Now that would be an amazing execution.

But then again, most of Puma's customer's are superficial and childlike to begin with anyway; therefore its a slam dunk... :open_mouth:
But then again, most of Puma's customer's are superficial and childlike to begin with anyway; therefore its a slam dunk...

Wow, that is such a big generalization…
How can you say Puma’s customers are all superficial and childlike?
Superficial in what? Is childlike that you described means ‘immature’?
My use of word “childlike” meant more about innocence than superficial.

However I do agree with you that with that $$, it could be better.
I mean in functional way.
There are some ergonomical shoe companies which make true fit shoes for each individuals, but they are way too expensive.



what part of the disclaimer did you miss?

This a is a designed sales technique. Any relation to Design beyond superficial (meaning outward appearance)or topical styling is an attempt to validate that which does not need validation.

The childlike descriptive struck me as an odd way to describe the concept of the Mongolian BBQ shoe because the act and assembly is more of an explorative, well-lets-see-what-happens-next type of alchemy; with a serious intent–to be the flyest, illest exclusive kicks on the block. Its not playful, innocent exploration here. I mean few will drop $130 to build them to end up with a whack set of exclusives that won’t match…

(Note: a Paris Hilton like could come in and outfit her club friends out in some crazy fiasco of a colorway just because she can…)

This is just a designed marketing hook to get a crew of those in the know to buy more exclusives. the MBbq exiusts solely (don’t pardon the pun) for those in the know, to fulfill their wants needs and desires, and to be designed by them and for them. There is nothing wrong with that.

Yes, agreed this is a marketing technique… a technique used in various markets. The Toyoda Scion, Automoblox (and dozens of other toys), etc. etc… this is not a new concept.

Like someone posted above, true innovation would have come in a functional sense. The question becomes, whould it be easier or more innovative to have just bought the materials yourself to make a “truly” one-of-a-kind product? (custom in its true sense)

i say 3 weeks develery time must be done in asia…damn…that is one expensive shipping bill…
but it is a very cool idea. sure beats nike’s and looks better too.
they must have one big ass control system set up for this…is this still going or just testing…

I dunno, but as a shoe designer and collector, I give Puma a big thumbs up for the BBQ idea.

For sure the idea is more focused on fashion and style than performance but given Puma’s market and lifestyle niche its OK. (not to mention the potential risk issues if uneducated users are selecting durometer and fit features that could cause injury).

Still, giving the user an interactive experience actually working with the pattern pieces and materials is a great combination of education and entertaiment not to mention the exclusive product you get in the end.

These days there are certainly lots of trends towards mass customization and personalization, and for sure some are bogus marketing gimmicks, but many are also genuine well-thought out concepts responding to consumer demand for more authenticity in design/value and more added personal value in this society of overchoice and underdiversity.

just my 0.02$ worth.

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