Anyone know how much SALARY I should ask for with 3+ yrs of experience in BayArea for ID corporate/consultancy?

Check the salary survey at the below link.

Should give you a good idea.

Wow, what kind of job pays $15k a year? Do they take internship into consideration?

you’re saying i can survive in bay area with $51,324?

with 3 years experience, it would take a lot of convincing to prove your worth 55K+…if you want to break into the 55k+, plan on showing your project management abilities.

From what I hear you may not be able to live in the financial district, but with 55K in your pocket you should be able to find your own place in Berkley and live comfortable.

What kind of job are you looking for? Consultancy vs corporate will have an influence on the amount you’ll be able to get. Also, like the last post hinted, the more diverse your skills, the more likely you are to be worth more to someone. If you’re looking for a general ID position you won’t be able to bring in as much as if you were looking for a senior or lead position of some kind where you are doing a bit of project and personnel management.

Berkley as in the campus residence? help me out here…

I’m going to have a phone interview with an ID consultancy in the Bay Area next week. I have 3+ years of ID experience, single, mobile, and have no debts (mortgage, car, or student loan). I dont mind driving 45 mins to/from work. What should my salary range be???

I can’t comment on how much you should ask for, but in terms of living in the Bay Area, you could just do it on 50k. Less, though, and in my opinion you’ll be uncomfortable. If you get roommates, you’re looking at anywhere from 500-1000 for your share minimum. Without roommates, average rents are in the 1500+ range per month. You can find some deals for 1100-1200, but you’ll need to look damn hard and make some serious concessions. The rental market has softened here a bit since the dot com bust, but this is one seriously expensive place to live. I’ve been here for 10 years, and am constantly amazed by the prices.

That Bay Area companies can cough up numbers less than 50k for a college educated professional seems really off par with the extreme cost of living… Use that during your negotiations…

During the negotiation, always let them state the first salary number. See what they have in mind. Just tell them “I’m rather new to bargaining for salary, and all I know is that the cost of living in the area is so high! What do you feel is appropriate compensation given the cost of living, and that I am a college educated professional with three years of industry experience?”… then see what they throw out. If they come back with something really low, like 30-40k, say “Is it possible to live in the area for that kind of salary?” …

When you bargain, use real numbers… Take a look at the Berkeley campus newspaper, and the SF Chronicle online to see what the rents are… Then, work up a budget and have those numbers ready when you chat with them… If they say “40k”, you can politely ask them to assist you in determining whether you can live there for that kind of money, and if so, where?

In the end though, it’s all about supply and demand. If they have a billion resumes… well… I hear Nevada is still pretty cheap :wink:

Hope this is helpful!

so why is it that there are still so many IDers wanting to move to Bay Area for work? or is there?

-exorbitant costs
-lack of housing
-competitive market

Yeah I’m wondering that my self too. Are there still lots of people want to move to CALI?


Why do ID’ers like the Bay Area?

  • progressive, diverse population
  • tech and computer-oriented history
  • best weather in the continental US
  • wicked hot girls
  • good start-up mentality with new tech companies popping up every day
  • IDEO, frog, Astro, fuse, oneandco, newdeal, etc etc etc (firms that have paid their dues over the 90’s and gotten ahead and carved out their niche servicing the high-profile techno elite)

but the above criticisms are also 100% right…

don’t go to that sushi restaurant in china town. it’s a rip off!

That survey doesn’t say much (or anything) about years of experience relative to salary. It can be assumed that the highest numbers are the best and most experienced, while the lowest numbers are the least experienced (probably interns), but the middle number is almost useless. All it tells us is what the average number of designers are earning. How many years of experience do the average number of designers have?

Personally, I think years of experience don’t tell a complete story of how talented you are as a designer. I have seen too many 5+ year experienced guys still doing ‘design’ and suck. I see guys with 2 years exp doing wonderful stuff and manufacture feasible.
So if I were you I wouldn’t brag too much about your years of experience during a salary negotiation. Instead, show them how a diverse designer you are in areas of software, concept realization, project management, etc.
I think a ‘complete’ designer is what most firms are looking for, as ID price market gets more competitive and consultancy/ in-house are trying to find ways to cut down expanse.

why would you go to ‘China’ town and eat ‘Japanese’ food?
there are several good Japanese restaurants in downtown, expansive though.
also, try Japan town just down Gary going toward Sunset on your right. full of jap food.

it seems than you’re either new to the bay area or you haven’t had to eat when everyone is closed in the afternoon except the mcdonalds and a couple of other fast food places, because that’s the only sushi place open all day without break, or atleast it used to be.

thanks for the advise though.

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