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Hi everyone

I am joining Pratt Institute MID this fall. Its a real costly affair, for an international student like me. I would be coming to the US on a students visa and will have to take any job available to live in NYC. Its gonna be a walk on the tight rope!!!

After graduating I plan to work in US to earn back what I wud be investing in my education. I wanted to know

1.How difficult is it to get an H1 visa in industrial design and who are the people that sponsor it??

2.How difficult is it to get jobs after graduating?

3.How much should I expect to earn?

Thank you

hey nobody is replying??? guys help me!!! i need to take fast actions.

Why don’t you apply for a job at Rupet’s Deli? he also does chairs and need a hand.

No offense but, you’re 1. asking difficult questions without clear answers, and 2. asking questions that have already been asked here. It’s hard to get strangers, who have no idea of your abilities, to give you a sense of your employment possibilities, especially since these kinds of things have already been discussed here many times.

First of all.
Dont base your decisions on whats replied to you.

Second of all.

I think they need interns at that Kosher Deli on 31 st.

hi i am the host guest…

what does this mean there is no scope for ID but a lot of scope for deli in US

First place that I would talk to is Pratt. They should be able to give you this information, since they deal with people in your situation all the time.

As for wages, it depends on your talent and where you work. Some US cities cost 4x (like NYC) as much to live as others. There are big exceptions, but wages do track to living expenses.

Where you been? Salami and pastrami packaging design is the latest trend right now.

btw, H1-B’s are country dependent on number, demand in the field you wish to gain a work visa for and country you are from. countries where forgery (russia, china, etc.) is ripe tend to take a lot longer and be tougher to get approval.

look into interships fast as you can.

is this an all “guest” forum??