Monbianco Italian sneaker video...

Thought you all might enjoy this video of the sneaker making process in Italy…

Cheers! :laughing:

Cool! Thanks for posting that. This will be a great video for some of the younger guys to see :wink:

great video thanks for posting.
I had to turn the volume off though :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooohh,really nice.
I really miss working in the factory

Italians do it better… :wink:

Watching that video brings me back to my younger days… I think my curiosity of industrial design began a long time ago watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. During his shows he would take some kind of tour of some manufacturing facility, whether it was large or even your small ma and pa type wood working shop. Then he would always come back to his home and try to replicate what he just saw in some fashion and explain what he was doing while he was doing it. At a young age this fascinated me to the point where I was glued to the TV watching Mr. Rogers glue together some pieces of construction paper or popsicle sticks to create something cool, or what I thought was cool back then. I loved shop time while in school. I think I loved it more than the concepting phase of sketching and rendering. Too bad model makers don’t make as much as the concept man.

That old lady had some moves with the sewing machine!

The other guys I loved to watch were Bob Ross, that older Mr. Science guy, and the other guy who always drew the crazy futurist bubble colonies off in space on some crazy planet. I wish I knew their names.

B, thanks for posting the video! It brought back some memories to me as I sit here at my desk with my zip up hooded jacket on.

Mr Wizard?

The other show might have been “Let’s Draw” forgot the guys name though.

i loved the Mr Rogers tour of the crayon factory…


I found out who I was referring to as Mr. Science:

Let’s draw sounds familiar. The guy would wear crazy space costumes while he drew on large walls or pads of paper. The memories are vague.

i think the “Lets Draw” guy was different then. I remember he was an old gray haired guy that with buddy holly glasses and a lab coat with a bunch of pencils in the pocket. He would draw robots and astronauts a lot though… PBS on Sunday morning I want to say…


That sounds about right. I tried googling “Let’s Draw” every way that I could and came up with nothing. I remember the guy having a pretty big mustache too.

I remember the future bubble guy, but not his name. All his cities where piles and piles of cubes linked by tubes, etc. I don’t think I watched it as much as I should’ve, I liked William Alexanders show better (Bob Ross oil style but more realistic, not so fuzzy like bob’s)


You’re exactly right about the tubes linking the bubbles. He would also draw ladders leading up from one to the other.


Sorry for getting your thread off track.

Bob Ross was dope! R.I.P.

What about that guy who used to illustrate the story while he was telling it?..can’t recall the name, but we used to watch it in class.

On canson paper? A dude would tell the story and some lady would do a pastel render? we used to watch that too…

^^^ Haha, yeah, that’s the one! The guy with the mustache. lol…I thought he was doing the sketching though…but I don’t recall looking closely at the hand.

funny how universal that stuff is (in the US anyway) but how the details get all blurry in our collective memory. I remember being fascinated by that show… my teacher was probably taking a nap, but we all amazed by the pastels, calm voice over… and mustache of course…

Wow…I never saw how a shoe was put together. How in the world can anyone produce a $30 shoe with all those steps and all that hand work?

Of the steps shown in that video that were hand crafted, how much would be automated in a high volume shoe run?

Sorry to get back on topic :wink:

most of it is still hand done in asia. The pattern cutting might be a little less wrk intensive, but everything else… makes you wonder how they can make a $15 performance sneaker doesn’t it?