Has anyone had a chance to check out the MoMA?

I ran by there last week , but could only stay for 15 minutes had to run to class. what were people’s impressions. maybe not so many have checked it out the price to get in is 20 bucks-cheaper for students (free for parsons students)

I am gonna head back this weekend and spend the day. IT IS A WHOLE DAY EVENT.

sorry for some, but the MoMA is in NYC, so many wouldnt know, but check it out if you’re ever in the city.

(MoMA-Museum of Modern Arts)

Anybody checked out MoBA
There should be a design version of this too…

thats not really what i had in mind. the work didn;t look like it was the worst, and how can you judge artwork, what makes some better than another, its all subjective, ones opinion holds up like anothers, too bad all these works gotta be stuck in a joint called Museum of Bad art…tht sukks