Molt-Tech Texture Pages

Hi, my firm is missing a page from the Mold Tech texture book, and they say it’s impossible to replace. Instead they want me to order a whole new book. For a company claiming to be green, this seems… not green at all. Anybody have any ideas?

  • Rob

Have you tried Craig’s list, Ebay, or Amazon?

well…9 out of the 10 pages are various and absurdly sized wood grains, so you’re probably ok with one page missing. :slight_smile:

Mold tech told you this or your coworkers? Is it actually a useful page?

This is not true. They can sell you individual pages. Just have to tell them which one you need. They aren’t cheap though. I think it’s like a couple hundred dollars a page which seems ultra pricey for a piece of styrene plastic.

Just visit their website they sell individual plaques:

Here it is: Mold-Tech texture standard plaque sets will display 85 unique patterns on five, injection molded, black polystyrene plaques. Mold-Tech texture standard plaques can be purchased for $400.00 each set or $200.00 for individual plaques (includes shipping and handling to any US location).

Sometimes friendly modelmakers have made RTV molds of the mold-tech pages… Might want to ask any that you’ve worked with recently