Molested Cow

Hi, saw your resume. How much do you pay roughly to attend CCS- tuition and living for the whole year. Thanks.

Just paid my tuition for this semester.

Let me break it down for you:

housing, 4 person room: $1550
Full time tuition ( 12 to 18 credits): $10,125
Committment fee: $100
Accidental Insurance: $35
Studio Lab fee: $450
Student Activity fee: $80

Scholarship( depends on how much they offer you)

So total is $11890 a semester before scholarship.
So you are looking at $25000 a year if you choose to stay on campus.
Staying off campus may be cheaper if you can find room mates. Then you may have to worry about utility fees, internet or even cable. Staying on campus has it’s hassles, but it’s right in the campus, free internet and cable if you are lucky, 30sec walk to school buildings, which is good when you have to walk in the icy cold winter.

Best thing about school housing, is that the laundry is $0.50 per wash and $0.50 per dryer. :slight_smile: Bad part is there are only 4 each, so you got to be smart abt when to do your laundry.

Living… Michigan isn’t considered expensive to live in. It also depends on your habits. If you survive on frozen food, then you may be paying more. Gas price is alright here. I usually get gas in the cheaper areas when I go shopping for food. If you live on campus, you will probably drive only twice a week.

I met a CCS grad, probably graduated more thab 10 or so years ago. He just finished paying the loans last year.

Hope that’s not bad news for ya.

You mean 100 000 $ in 4 years? That’s a lot. Probably not to you. Do you get scholarships or do you have to be talented to apply to CCS?

They give scholarships to almost everyone who applies based on your portfolio. It’s sponsored by Crysler. If your portfolio is good, you get more. It’s goes by year. However, once you get an amount, you are stuck with it, doesn’t matter how good you get later. I haven’t heard of anyone who got stripped off from their scholarships.

The money can vary. Average gets like $1000~$3000 a year. My room mate got $8000 a year. So work on your portfolio, it will benefit you.