Mold that can stand 250-350 Farenheit.

Is there any type of molding material or foam that can stand 240-350 farenheit? I am building a chassis for a race car and i need to lay carbon fiber and resin onto the male mold to put it into a vacume heat resistant bag and put it in the oven for a day at max 350 farenheit. I plan to shape the mold by hand tools, or maybe a cnc. I am a beginner, does any one have any experience or ideas.

Ren board ( is probably the most popular. The specific type you use depends heavily on how you plan to machine it. You also need to meticulously sand, finish and polish the master model after machining, otherwise you will have very poor surface quality on the mold, and therefore on the parts. I have designed composite chassis and fuselages for Indycars and aircraft. For Indycars we didn’t use Ren, but I’m forgetting what exactly it was now. I’m pretty sure we used Ren board for the airplane tooling.

Please tell me you’re not putting this in your home oven? That is a very bad idea. The resin cooks off some nasty shit and will stink up your house forever.

And at the risk of sounding like an asshole, you should also maybe grab a book covering composite construction first (both design and manufacturing). If you plan to strap your own ass into this car, you want to do it right. Correctly designing and building a carbon composite structure is not terribly hard, but it’s not exactly easy either.