modular race car body design

this is based on a discussion that can be followed in this thread:

basically this guy is making a chassis for a race car, that is designed to be easy to change the bodywork on. you can look at that thread for his current body work.

here we go, as an idea for an alternate direction on the body work. i am polygon modelling to iterate quickly (virtual clay), this is about 20 hours work. i call it the superfrog, the idea is to make a retro coupe fitting the same mechanical package as the dp1, which conveys a more emotional experience than the current styling. the designer of the dp1 provided me with cad data of the key points at which the body would attatch or interfere with the chassis, tires, etc, the position of the driver and controlls, etc.

by coincidence, i had already designed a small but powerfull one seater race car around very similar dimensions, for a project in the entertainment industry. being for entertainment, the actual details were unimportant, but being a gearhead i love getting to do vehicle design and put some thought into it. the basic design was actually quite similar to what dp was using, though mine had a more conventional central seat with mid engine, i was going to use a monocoque chassis and a 1 liter turbocharged 3 cylinder 2 stroke making about 450 hp. heh. as if.

anyways, here is an image from that project, to give an idea of the final render quality i am shooting for.

so, onto this

first we have the cad data provided by dp, of a sample size driver and all the interference points. the tires are my models, as the cad tires came into maya ll screwed up (as did everything in fact, but its all in a days work), but sized according to the blueprints.

then we have the street version

then the race aero package

the thought behind the race aero package is it is totally bolt-onabble with a single tool, like an ikea desk. the car will come with a matching trailer to tow the shit to the race track for track days, it will hold an extra set of wheels also. i will work on the trailer when i get more spare time. the wing elements are also modular, like a 1980s f1 car, its shown here in the high downforce/maximum pose factor configuration.

i’m not trying to make this appeal to any trends in vehicle design, its just what i think would be fun in a fast little race car that would be street legal but designed to rip up track days, a la a caterham. you could spot all sorts of influences, old lamborghinis and can am race cars, japanese concepts from the early 90s. weird british hillclimb specials and american “supermodified” dirt track cars, group B rally, le mans, all had an influence on it too i would say. but i wasnt looking at anything else when i made it, just from my mental referece library aka imagination Smile

things i still want to do on the car: some sort of clear plastic shroud for the air filter thats sticking out right now, and probably a clear plastic lens over th front lights that are incorporated from the existing design, to continue the contour of the fenders. it will need some ducts behind the front wheels for airflow also, i think. i also need to figure out where all the panel cut lines go, and resolve the rear window, its pretty sketchy right now.

critiques or comments of any sort welcome!!