modular hardshell suitcase

hey guys,I’m kinda new here so hey everyone

Currently im working on a new design for modular hardshell suitcase and Im looking for for the best materials for the the exterior.
im sure need material with high strength to weight ratio, good for molding process,detailing friendly and with moderate natural wear of the material (personalization reasons )
i do not want any plastic from any kind,no carbon fiber Etc
im stuck with the design process if any of you can just light me a spark of inspiration :bulb: i will be grateful

You haven’t left too many choices. Aluminum like Rimowa?


Like Richard says, aluminum is the most natural solution. Plastics are best suited to the task of getting bashed around. Titanium, stainless steel, steel could be used but harder to process. Resin soaked natural fiber maybe, probably not durable enough.

Resin soaked natural fiber maybe, probably not durable enough.

+1, oriented strand bamboo… along the lines of ROOF’s R06 Bamboo. But it still requires a “resin”; it’s going to be essentially impossible to make anything “hardshell” without it (other than metal(s)).

I would hazard a guess and say that your “design details” will be determined by the material (bamboo) in this instance, rather than the material conforming to the “designer”.