HEy , all,.

I have a mac, (I also own a PC-just hate windows-so please dont make this thread a I HATE MAC — LOVE PC_ type of thing)

and anyways. I found out today about a new 3D program called MODO.( i am sure that it has been out a while but is new) from luxology company. It has a great looking interface and works with Mac. I am just wondering if people out there have used it and or what they have heard about it good or bad.

this is the link to the site. check it out. runs on windows too.

the site is great very informitive with the quicktime movies.

note_ also not too expensive at all for a 3d program.

At first glance it looks like it’s mostly for gamers and animators. It didn’t seem like it had anything Iders need for surface geometry (nurbs, etc). Seems more of an illustration/animation tool as opposed to manufacturing.

Modo is new. but it’s polygon/subD modeler. no NURBs. oddly som people say Wings3D is just as good. doubt that. but Wings3D is free.

thank you. so you suggest that this is not a good buy. I would be using it to model shoes and soles. and that is about it. I really just need a program for the mac. and I thought that this might be a good buy, want more info on it i guess.

thanks for your help.

goal is 3D on mac? or 3D to make models/prototypes or for manufacturing?

I know that there are other threads with the discussion on what 3d programs for macs. But I have been told that because of all the menu options and bad interface that it is hard to find a good one on mac. I also understand that mac isnt really set up to run this type of software. but I need one for personal development, and learning.

I am not needed to do this at work. but in years to come i might be asked to do 3d rendering or modeling and I want to have it under my belt.

all the 3D work is done at my work by another designer. I do work on the computer but not 3D.

I want to do both. be able to do both.


for learning might consider the Maya PLE (Personal Learning Edition). it’s free. can download on Alias website. runs on Mac. has excellent NURBs tools. and geared more for softgoods than most 3D software.

thnks will check it out.

but at wrk now…so will check out at home. kinda upset just got some samples back from china and a couple just turned out shitty. I wish i could show. I want to do a post and really just show what Yo did but not end up with a great product so soon but go through samples. and really get a reality in the business. realizing that a pretty drawing doesnt = a pretty shoe when made. materials and last etc. can kill a shoe. and when all these things come togther can u hold it sometimes just looks soo bad u kinda get a bad taste in your mouth and wish ur name wasnt on the sample tag.

I am sure Yo doesnt have this problem too much. I am a rookie. but still it gets really frustrating. i am sure all developers alike can agree.

oops forgot kinda wht section of the forum i was in. (kinda directed towards footwear designers-but all designers in general)

working too hard…is there such a thing as that??

you dont have to answer that.

If you wanna learn and keep mac, grab virtual PC and you can run rhino on it. I’ve done it, works fine on my G4 running os9 / Rhino 2.0. Don’t know how well it is on the osx, haven’t switched. You can also get solidworks working on it too, but it has a few small glitches and slows down considerable doing surfaces (in SW). Solid parts are fine and quick.
Also, I hear Cobalt is good (price range of SW) as well as it’s cousins Concepts Unlimited. But Rhino is cheap, Virtual PC with windows 2000 is about $250.

thanks. i will try.
stil running system 9?? why does it run better with the 3d programs??

Don’t know if it does, I just still like 9 better, 10 seems slow to me with some of the system effects. I don’t like to wait at all for anything.

ahhhaa. I grew up using a typewriter got my 1st computer 2yrs ago. I am used to typing and hearing a “SHhhhIIIiiiinngGG” and then typing a whole page and then I miss type a word and I reads and end up white out all over the page. and put it infront of a fan to air dry. smile

so these computer things…crazy laptops (ooohh yea my one type writer was kinda laptop came in a brief case and you opened it up and it was inside-tht shyt probably a antique) wireless…i mean bluetooth… shyt is crazy.

but yea when you get used to things running fast you expect tht speed.

comps are taking over…

try Cinema4D R9, works great on Mac or Windows: Pretty intuitive. Can polygon model organinc stuff that can be exported as STL or DXF format.
Silo from is another polygon modeler U$109.

Catia V5 have introduced a design module based on polygon modelling for quick design iteration. as far as i know their’s is the only polygon modeler that produces anything close to production surfaces for manufacturing. check out the napkin competition stuff in the core archives.

i think that as long as you don’t need tight plastic part tolerances, poly modeling could be a nice way to go. i am looking into it for quick design iterations that can be exported to Rhino or Solidworks and rebuilt once there.

Modo would probably be a great sketch modeler. It looks fast and a lot of the work flow would be great to generate quick concepts for your surface designer.
Since Modo is a sub-d modeler and none of the major CAD programs (with the possible exception of CATIA and Impactxoft) support sub-ds the export from Modo would be a polygonal object that can be used as a 3d UNDERLAY. Not so bad- if Modo is fast which it looks like it can be.
It all depends on what you want to do with the 3D information you design.

Thank you, I ill check out those links.

I haven’t decided on what I will use it for. I haven’t been asked to do any 3-d work for my jobs. I mainly just do sketches and then a final rendering and then they are sent to the factory for prototypes. I am in footwear and am not sure how big 3-d work is. I haven’t had to do it like i said but i want to make sure that if I am asked to do it I will know how.

have done this. just need conversion from polys to NURBs. using Maya and Pro/E. not sure what’s available otherwise.

Maya on a Mac is your best option for the die hard Mac user! There is a noticable trend for ID’ers moving to use MAYA for Product Design. You got the nerbs, sub’ds (that import into Solidworks and Pro/E as g2 surfaces) polygons that are the new 3d sculpture tools. Polygons can even convert inside of Maya to nerbs. It’s really cool actually. My advice is don’t waist your time with any other tool like formz on the Mac.

I have seen some nice stuff out of the Ashlar products. I know Steelcase ID teams like to use Ashlar Cobalt and that runs fine on a mac.

Most Maya ID users that I know however (even the diehard mac hard heads) even have a PC to run Maya. Not sure exactly why but I think it has to do with the mac version is missing some functionality.

And don’t think to even try to run 3d PC software in emulation mode…

Has anyone tried to run even a non serious 3d package in emulation mode to any success? I want to look into the Catia poloygon tool.

BTW our servers are down…

“Polygons can even convert inside of Maya to nerbs.”

hence my comment. i posted Maya polygon to Pro/E shelled solid experiments here last year (on a now dead geocities site).

wrt Mac vs PC, the issue was not having Maya Unlimited on Mac. thats been remedied recently. not sure of the details however.

Could run Rhino and Solidworks 2000 in VirtPC 4.0 on old os9 on mac, ran perfectly fine. Solidworks had an appearance glitch for diagonal sketchlines and would crawl if you tried to do surfaces. Not sure if that’s due to 2000’s surface limitations or virtual pc. Rhino surfaced fine, nice and quick, don’t know about rendering though, that would probably be a problem. I would just export to a native mac renderer.
I hear that Virtual PC isn’t fully functional in the newer versions since Microsoft aquired it. Now Rhino doesn’t run on the new versions that work with the new osx, don’t know about SW yet.
I also used it for some audio programs, Sound Forge and Acid, worked well with the Virtual except for a time delay in Acid (sound falls out of sync with display if you’re playing a long clip).