Modern Paper Shredder

Hello, I am a student studying Industrial Design in my final year at Bradford University.

For my final year project I have decide to design a paper shredder. My wish for my paper shredder is to be different from standard market place shredder, which are built for the office environment, by designing the shredder for use at home.

I was situating my shredder in a hallway in a modern designer home, where the location can be considered and incorporated as a piece of furniture within the home and as such not to then look out of place.

I wanted to know if anyone had any views on my chosen location? Also if you were to have this already within your home what sort of capabilities would you want the shredder to have?

Also I was thinking of making a feature of the way the shredder shreds the paper.

I was thinking of not using a standard shredder mechanism, so you could then be able to see what’s going on inside, in the same way you can see a Dyson vacuum cleaner collecting rubbish. Then to compress the shredded paper automatically into bags.

If any one had any sort of comments it was be very much appreciated. Thanks Jason

Have you actually asked anyone what they shred, what they would like to shred, where they shred it and what they do and don’t like about their existing shredder?

Sounds to me like you are falling into the old ‘this is what I want to come out with so how do I make my brief fit’ trap.

I’m not convinced that I would like a shredder in my hallway… but if you have evidence that suggests otherwise then that might just be me!

I like the idea of updating the shredder though as they can be frustrating things to use when they clog up and they aren’t the most attractive of things… :slight_smile:

Not many people store their Dyson vacuum’s (or any vacuum for that matter) in their hallway. I’d keep the mechanism closed off. There’s no reason to have it visible.

start with a problem, not your solution.


Commercial paper shredders do not adequately fit the needs of shredding paper in a home environment.

Then state your specific assumptions if you want, your research hypothesis:
A too noisy
B not enough capacity
C wider range of materials need to be shredded
D messy emptying, disposal
E not design to fit into a domestic setting
F perception of danger/safety

Then, go out and ask people! Visit homes, talk to people, find out whether or not your assumptions are true, and did you miss anything? You seem to be focusing on where the shredder is stored and some kind of functional aesthetics. Most people don’t live in a modern designer home. There may be other more important issues. Use this to frame your conceptual development and you can easily test your solutions! (does this concept solve issue A,B,C ?) In the end, your concept will be much stronger if it is backed up by real needs in the real world, not just your ideas.

I hate my shredder, it always jams, overheats, it’s noisy, ugly, a pain to empty. I want a paper shredder that look like a dragon, and roars/breathes fire when I feed him paper. Good luck!