Modern day Freelance designer

Hello fellow designers,

I would like to hear from any of you freelance designers out there or anyone that is knowledgable about freelance.

It seems with today’s tech (internet, tablets, etc) freelance design is becoming an easier and more viable route to take for a career. What tips do you guys have as far as things you wish you would have known, programs or things that make the business side much easier, software, hardware, etc.

To start things off, there are numerous websites out there like which help track hours, billing, etc. There are many of these sites out there and it seems like something like this could really help. I have even heard of one such site that is set up for you to allow clients to go on and “book” hours with you, therefore controlling your available hours. However, I haven’t actually seen this.

Tech is definitely changing the way things are done. I use “Goto meetings” a lot for desktop sharing and conference calls.

I second Yo, we use GoTo meetings quite a bit when presenting designs. I’ve also been hearing tons of ads for WebEx on my streaming radio, they apparently have a free trial.