Modelling question (SolidWorks)

Hello guys!!!
I am modelling a bicycle grip in SolidWorks. The shape of the grip is symmetric in the top view, but asymmetric in the side view.
The problem I have is with the silicone pattern over the main surface. I am using the circle array tool for repeat the pattern, and after that I use the cut loft tool for reduce the thickness.
The result I am getting from this is not what I want, because depending on the part of the grip I am seeing, the space between the pattern is different. The idea is to obtain a perfect offset between each pattern.

Maybe there is another construction option I can use for make this pattern work. Thank you for the help!!!

Is there a way to upload the file here?

I’m not sure, but I would try to pattern the cut (or the “space”) between the bar elements. That would allow you more control over the distance that you are seeing get distorted.

How are you creating your lofted cut to reduce thickness? Is it the overall thickness/profile of the rubber grip?

I think CRVaughan is probably right, that you’ll want to pattern the cut, not the elements themselves. If circular patterning the features doesn’t work in SW, you can always make the cuts as intersecting bodies that you can almost always pattern, then doing a combine at the end the cut away where they intersect.

Also you could try the wrap feature since your part is cylindrical. You won’t have control over the taper, but it will be even. Wrap sometimes doesn’t like certain sketches, but when it works it’s great. It might take a bit of work to get a pattern that repeats right with even spacing, though, since you’ll have to map the revolved surface to a 2D sketch (remember, circumference=pi*D).

I’m not quite understanding your intention when you say “The shape of the grip is symmetric in the top view, but asymmetric in the side view.” Which view is supposed to be symmetric? Do you have a sketch that shows your intention?