Modelling Pettern/Textures : Which Software/Plugin?

I am sure everybody has spotted the trend of all these crazy patterns/textures found on many products the past few years (mainly on electronics, sport goods and architecture). Stuff like these:

I know tools like grasshoper achieve such results but are there any other tools/software that you could suggest? Mainly I use Rhino (avarage user) but I am thinking to invest some time and money to expand knowledge on modelling as well as surfacing/pattern-making and I wonder if any of you has any suggestions.


For exercises like this, if you are a Rhino surfacing user I would start off by trying to mock up some of these, and then seeing how far you can get before you hit some major hurdle.

A lot of these I expect are still modeled in a regular surfacing package, just with a lot of time consuming work.

Usually if you try to build it you can start to see where problems might be, but often you’ll discover that tools like Alias will have a specific tool which allows you to accomplish patterns like this.

It is possible that some of them were done in Grasshopper, but I’ve yet to hear anyone using grasshopper for mass-produced products, same thing for Modo and some of the sub division tools.

A lot of these are just simple surfaces that get repeated and warped around a surface, so if you can figure out how to build the individual module, you may quickly realize you can build the entire thing using a combination of arrays and transforms.

thanks cyberdemon.
Regarding Rhino “hand-made” patterns, you have in mind i guess tools such as the Paneling Tool? Because really trying to make any of these modules of patterns one by one in Rhino would be really a nightmare.