Modeling threads in Solidworks 2016

Hello guys,

I’m trying to create a part in solidwork that have thread i need to model, this is the part:

My problem is i don’t know how to do that, i can create the part without problem but don’t know how to work with the M4 threads. I have google and watched some videos but i can’t get it to work correctly, when i make the assembly the threads overlaps. In a few forums i have check they recommend to avoid modeling threads without a good reason, but i thinks thats like cheating.

Does any of you know how to work with or around them?

Would recommend just creating a circle, off of that create a helix/spiral, then sweep the profile down. It’s really not that hard…:slight_smile:

Now the reason why people recommend not creating the threads is that the only reason for actually having them is if you plan on doing an FEA anaylisis and need the collision detection to happen. Otherwise it’s not needed. You also have the SW toolbox, GrabCad, 3D Content central, and mcmaster carr’s library to just download the model and go. Or if you are really pressed then download the model and roll the history back to see how it was made.

I would download a part from McMaster-Carr that already has a thread and go from there; either study the feature or convert the downloaded file into what you want.