Modeling Braille on curved surfaces

So, does anyone have a strategy for modeling braille dots on an organic form (think lava-lamp type blobs). I am making small sculptures for someone in cad, and they need to have lines of braille on them. The issue I see is projecting the braille (paths) onto a curved surface, as well as how to actually create the “dome”. Is this easier done in Rhino or Solidworks? Your feedback appreciated.

Sounds interesting… love CAD sculptures.
This might give you an an idea of how to do it in Rhino or Solidworks.

I only know how to do it in Alias.
assuming the blob is NURBS, i would use the conform tool to place the Braille onto curved surfaces. This will atleast conform or place them directly on the surface and keep the spacing correct. cool thing about this way is that you can just slide the braille words/sentences over the surfaces and place them any where that you would like and the History allows you to adjust later.

Pretty sure there is something similar in Rhino but it might not be as interactive for placement…
hope that helps or gives you an idea.

in Rhino, Transform pull down / Flow along surface

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but having this same problem - does anyone know the best way to go about this in Solidworks? Got a lot of blobs of different sizes which need to flow along a curved surface. Any easy way of doing it?


Are you using Braille? Are you comfortable with SW surfacing? If you can post some images showing the pattern/linework, and the surface. As always with SW there are many ways to “skin a cat”. Depending on the complexity of your linework and the surfaces this could be simple or a pain.

Also check the Solidworks Forums, I’ve seen this type of issue come up many times.

Hi Ryan,
I don’t have access to my CAD at the moment but I will post a screenshot later tonight if it’ll help. It’s not braille I’m using, but I think it is the same problem. I’m trying to add dimples into a curved surface much like you can see on either side of this bottle. However, in my specific case they are not evenly distributed or all the same size, so I don’t think I can project a curve on the surface and use a curve driven pattern.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah, it “can be done” in Solidworks, but I gotta say, Modo just has it already built in and ready to use out the box…

Pattern a body over any geometry AND have it resize and space at random intervals…go go gadget CAD


It’s still kind of vague, but have you considered creating the linework in AI and importing it into SW?

For SolidWorks try using a sketch based pattern. Create a 2d layout sketch for spacing and then a 3d layout sketch that has the points constrained to the surface and 2d layout sketch.

SolidWorks File Download

Thanks dnikitiuk, this is how I ended up doing it - not the quickest method but it worked.

CADJunkie, yeah I know this would have been super easy in Modo but trying to improve my Solidworks knowledge, and little challenges like this always end up teaching me a lot.