Modeling and Rendering Floppy Materials

Hi All:

I’m working on a silicone product that is floppy like a swimming cap. I’ve modeled it in its raw for (think like a 1/2 sphere).

I’d like to bring it into Keyshot and have it look like it would look lying on the table opposed to a rigid plastic part.

Any thoughts on a solution for this that saves me from remodeling in it’s relaxed state? I’d also like to avoid buying 3DS or some other rendering package for thousands of dollars as this is a one off issue…or one that only seems to pop up once every year or two.

Download Blender and do this tutorial.

Then export your object with a very high density and bring it to Blender and have fun experimenting :smiley:

You can now rent 3DS by the month.

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As pointed out this can be done with Blender but you will have to dive in heavily with regards to the new interface, UI…etc. One alternative is Modo which does have a dynamic system in it and can definitely render WAY better than Keyshot any day of the week.

What I would do is make a mesh through Rhino 3D and then use the Kangaroo plugin for Grasshopper. This plugin gives you the ability to use a physics engine within your model and will make the object look nice and floppy, as if you dropped it on a table