modeling a head

never modeled a human head in Pro/E. would like to try. need Wildfire practice. would SW users like to join in? or other solid CAD users? dont know i can do it. wont use ISDX. just standard advanced surf tools in Foundation. friendly exercise to learn something about these packages. interested?

need a reference. maybe Yul Brenner. Persis Khambata. or someone else. suggestions? not too many wrinkles please.

[edit1: Marlon Brando?]

i can send you a ProE IGES file of a head to give you something to play around with if you post an email address

I have a tutorial that uses ISDX and 2001 but it also works in WF that walks you through creating a head similar to the ones on the little wooden posture models. Uses 6 curves, 4 variable section sweeps, mirror, and a 5 surface mirges. You can then use the surface replace features in WF advanced surfacing to add more detail.

I will try and locate the site were I fond this tutorial. I will have to look through some archieved files so it might take a day or two but I will get back to you.

Good luck…until then.

Found it right off, here is the link.

thanks for the link. but thats too simple. want nose, nostrils, lips, eyelids, etc. and no ISDX surfacing. hoping others would join in. probably just do it myself now.

Sorry, I was just trying to give you a starting point that would give you the basic shape to build off of using the surface replace as I suggested.

One question though, why do you not want to use ISDX? If you are trying to understand and push the capabilities of a software package, why not use the full tools set? After all ISDX (Style) is now included in the foundation licence of Wildfire.

It is also the only way I have been able to create a 3D curve. If there is another option please let me know as I use this on an almost daily basis in modeling sporting goods for our major clients.

ISDX isnt in my foundation license for Wildfire. paid extra for it. using foundation toolset to learn it. and so i can help others with it. not everyone has ISDX.

surface replace is okay. usually try to avoid it. 3D curves in earlier Pro/E was easy. haven’t used that in Wildfire yet but bet its still there. will take a peek.