I have some product models that I would like to put in my portfolio. What is the best way to take photos of them? How should I take shots of them for my portfolio? Any thoughts?

That’s a very general question – you might get more responses if you were more specific.

What kind of models?
How big?
Do you have access to a photo studio?
What do you want to achieve with the portfolio?

the models are not big, one is a Tea pot the other a small heater. they just show my modelmaking skills. I just want to know the best way to have them in my portfilio. anyone have something where they have models that I could see. if you could would you post it thanks.

If you have to ask the question, you should probably be taking them to a photographer with a legit lighting studio.

Find a student that is studying studio photography and pay them in beer to take some shots of your models.