Model Viper Gas Tank

I plan to build a chopper with a “Viper” theme.

I am looking for a gas tank, or model, that looks like the Dodge Viper GTS, 1992-2003.

I want a gas tank or I can make a gas tank from a model. I can either make a Fiberglass/Carbon fiber replica, using the model as the mold/plug, or hollow out the model and put a rubber fuel cell inside.

The measurements I am looking for are approximately 24” long x 10” wide x 9” high. As a gas tank, it should hold about 4 gals of gasoline.

This is a one-time project, for a private person, (no royalty payments or production rights, etc.).

All interested parties should contact me to discuss particulars, (Materials, lead time, cost.).

But how are we supposed to contact you?

you could get a poly carb body from a 1/10 scale rc model and cast 2 patterns from it…slice one up in sections running front to back and the other side to side…scan the slices and loft them together in cad…or take the poly carb body to someone with a 3D digitizer…either way now you have cad model which can cut you a form for your tank any size you want…if you want to go for cheap…trace your sections onto paper…blow them up to size in a copy machine…cut foam sections…glue together and finish smooth for your final pattern…you may even be able to find a 1/4 scale body which would be about the right size for your tank and you could cast your final pattern directly from it…enjoy

“free-hand” it…

it’s going to be a characterization anyway.