Model of extrusion


Next week for class I’m going to be making an appearance model of a concept that utilizes aluminum tubes. These rods will be about thirty inches long and have the profiles below. The one with two rails has an internal diameter of 1.2" and the larger one nests flush with it. How should I make these tubes? They are too long to 3d print, and cutting a channel down PVC pipe sounds like there will be a very small margin of error, and that’s only if I could find tubes of the correct diameters. Does anyone have any ideas? Could I print it in chunks and glue it together?

Vac form two halves?


Do they need to be hollow all the way through for the appearance model?

Model shops would probably SL the parts in smaller pieces which have features that allow them to lock together and be glued. This takes a lot of the hand labor out of the process (hand labor is usually more expensive than SL parts)… if you have access to a machine that’s inexpensive, I’d go that route

At least most of the way through, because there is a sliding switch mechanism inside the smaller tube.

Yeah, that sounds like it would be the best way so far. I’ll look into it.