Model making tools

Okay so here at my company were we do medical carts design, I have been asked to expand our business and capabilities of the ID dept. In doing so we have now gotten Fisher price as a client, and I have completed my first project with them, and have been ask if we would be willing to take the SLA models and assemble them and paint them.

I feel i have the skill set to do this but as this is new to the company they have no tools for working on small SLA’s pieces. But my boss has said to put together a list of tools I would need and he will cut a check. Okay back story complete now for my question:

What tools do you think i need and does anyone have a good online resource, i am thinking i would need the following

  1. Model makers set of files
  2. Air brush kit
  3. Assortment of sandpaper
  4. Dremmal with variety of attachments
  5. Chemical adhesive not sure what is best for sls sla /3d printer material

Any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated.

Chevis W

paint booth with an exhaust fan, can be used for sanding too
Zap a Gap with some Zip kicker
protective eyewear
respirator, or dust masks at the very least
metal locker for holding storing nasty chem. paint,-glue stuff

Blocks for sandpaper
Xacto/ deburring knives.
Bondo and kit for application
glue gun
paint thinners, if you make mistake. artist paint brush for tiny patch work