Model-making services

I was told that some students are getting their models made in China and Korea. Is this true? Can you link me to companies that provide these services?

These guys in Taipei:

and: Model Solution Official Website

I use both of those as well as E-Proto

I would be willing to volunteer to 1 student a free 3D print - as long as the parts can fit or be broken down to fit on a 10x10x10 bed, and use PLA.

PM if you see this and would want it. (my RAK)

I get daily LinkedIn requests from proto places in China, different people but the same three companies. One is called Industrial Man I believe.

Yeap, there’s a few known companies that spam like crazy on LinkedIn. There’s also Chinese students that can get in contact with the person in the factory doing the work which in turns makes it even cheaper than going through the already low prices of the company. I’ve had good parts from HLH prototypes.