Model Making Ressources

Hello guys,

I am ID student from Austria (2nd term) and I’m a bit disappointed with my university’s course offer regarding traditional model building (foam, uriol, molding etc). I searched the Internet for resources without finding out much.

Does anyone know of good instructional DVDs or books (or hidden YouTube content:)) on the subject, any level (basic preferred)?

Many thanks!


So out of interest, what model-making techniques do they teach?

This didn’t take long to find!

Willkommen auf den Brettern mitko!

I had the same problem when I was in school (1969-1973), but didn’t have the internet as a resource to work through it. What I found in the way of “books” were virtually all oriented to architectural model making; somewhat helpful, but not very specific with regard to how to generate shapes that industrial designers work with.

Your “hidden YouTube content” suggestion was a good one. Of course, it would be helpful to know a few keywords to use in the search engine. Like: foam modelling, which immediately brought up the following. When the vids end there will be a column of “similar” videos on the right side of the screen. In a lot of cases, when “model” or “modelling” is used you will find “model railroad landscape” examples, but it’s all useful information.

There is a very informative thread somewhere back in the CORE archives, I’ll see if I can locate it for you.

Here’s another one (found in the right-hand column).

Clay Modelling Part 1 - YouTube Clay Modelling Part 2 - YouTube Clay Modelling Part 3 - YouTube Clay Modelling Part 4 - YouTube Clay Modelling Part 5 - YouTube


There is a lot of information buried here on CORE, and a resource I forgot to mention is the “Search” engine at the upper right of the screen. When using it make sure to select a “forum” to search, in this case… Materials and Processes. Type in a topic; foam, modelling, foam tools, etc.

I pulled these in about fifteen minutes.

old topic about tools

old topic about bonding foam materials

modelling with foam notes…