Model Maker

I have recently had an interest in becoming a model maker for a car company, or some transportation company when I graduate. Does anyone know how to get into the profession. I’m currently studying Industrial Design at MIAD.

Do you want to go in the direction of

Hands on Clay model maker or fabricator?

Or keep it clean. 3D computer model shaper?


By hand, not computer

Congratulations on your revelation. Do you have any examples of models you have worked on? Your portfolio link doesn’t show any modeling. I would suggest hitting the clay sculpting. You’ll have to get used to the blisters on your fingers and hands due to the warm clay.

With eco.ID :slight_smile: (nothing like the small of warm sulphur in the morning)

I know that Calty (Toyota studio in the us) take in new guys an teach them the “Art” of clay modeling with contract possibilities.

Search in
No opening at the moment.

But that could be a direction to take.
And graduate with a clay model.


Hahaha, I remember that smell of sulphur. Good times!

I currently do not have any clay models. We are starting that in January though. I just wasn’t sure how I could get into it. I was thinking of going to CCS and do transportation design for a semester and get experience that way.

theres also the american association of professional model makers (APMM)
they might be a good resource…

does anyone know what the starting or average salary is of a model maker?