model building supplies in canada

does anyone have any favourite model building supply stores in toronto? i just need a few things (sheet aluminum, acrylic sheets, balsa) to make some mock-ups and don’t want to mail order from the u.s.

I don’t know about Toronto, but in Ottawa:

Canus Plastics – Acrylic (sheet, rod, tube), styrene (same), polycarbonate (sheet), PTFE (rod)

Metal Supermarket – Aluminum (sheet, bar stock, tubing), Steel/SS (you get the idea), exotics like titanium (sheet only, usually)

Hobby shops – Balsa, CA, various thermoset resins, etc.

Soloways metal (dundas west)

Active surplus has plastic,Aluminum,steel,brass etc.(Queen West)

Atlas is good for machine tools (Queen West)

Aboveground is good for bass wood and balsa

Metal supermaket

You can buy off OCAD shops too

Active surplus has plastic,Aluminum,steel,brass etc.

cool. i’ve never actually been up there. the gorilla scares me.

You can buy off OCAD shops too

the workshops? do they sell to non-ocad students?