Moddable Dresser

We have designed a moddable dresser line of products and have had it patented. I wanted to get some feedback from some actual designers. I have attached a file that shows how we plan on attaching it, using simple wall mounting brackets and bed rail brackets. We have talked a lot about how costly, big, and bulky furniture seems. So we wanted to start a company that focuses on designing versatile, functional furniture that has the ability to grow with your family. We also wanted to break up the huge upfront cost of buying solid wood furniture into some more affordable options for people.
This method of manufacturing and selling dressers benefits consumers by letting them build the dresser they want it at the time, and then allowing them to buy additional units to change it based on changes to their lifestyle or need. This method is designed to be flexible to living spaces, and to even be used as multiple pieces within the home.
My company is Functional Furniture Creations, and we plan on offering many more designs like this one in the future.