The mobus SNEAKER DESIGN COMPETITION deadline was yesterday. I was hoping to see other designers entries, did any of you enter? For more info regearding the competition check out

Also, if you’d like to offer some comments and critiques on MY entires, please visit I’d really like to hear what some of you think…

Always wanted to design a shoe, never had the opportunity, now I have.

Thanks for your feedback.

i wanted to do this comp but i still working on the ole folio so i had to pass…

i hope i do not come off rude, but there is not anything new there they look like offerings from more well known companies. i think you could have done more to infuse more style into these. the shape is a bit off in the toe down views, also adding some dimesionality with shading would help too

the presentation is great though, if you want to do more shoe maybe check out the kicksguide artist series

heres my entry on my coroflot portfolio…

Nice work guys: great to see some entries.

JGabry, I agree with Junglebrodda to some degree. I think the designs would have looked much better with some sexier top views, esp on the women’s product. Overall they are a little conventional, a bit Steve Madden, but I’m not sure what you where going for. I like that you provided so many variations and the color work was good as well.

Here’s one of my own top down views, not the best, it’s a bit old, but you get the idea:

Nice rendering Jiggy.

Anybody got anymore???

thanks yo…

THANKS to everyone for your comments…

I tried to stay within the BRAND when working on this project. MOBUS focuses primarily on the RETRO look. Not being a “hi tech” sports brand I focused to keep the designs simple, more sport casual footwear (steve madden is a great example, MEDIUM is another).

I see what y’all mean about the top view, the shape is a bit off.

jiggy. great work.

I’d love to see a few more entries, SOON mobus plans to have all of the entries online for people to VOTE for the winner. Be sure to go to in a week or so to VOTE.

thanks guys…btw the moebus link in the post above doesnt work; i tried and it seems to be a different site…anyone know the right link?

any word on the contest? The website is all in Duetsche!

If you don’t understand German, or refuse to use BABELFISH, here is what the MOBUS website says in English…

Design Contest surpasses all expectations!!!

We are overwhelmed by the enourmous resonance of the design contest.

Our email accounts have been glutted by the entries. During the last weeks, calls from all over the world came in and since Monday, our office is overfilled by drafts and layouts. Thank you very much!

As a matter of course we assorted a expert jury to rate the different designs and layouts.

Besides, the möbus team, the jury members are:

Piero Borsellino, designer and publisher of „M-Publications“

Oliver Puchert Head of the Sport Scheck design competence team,

Sascha Bruckhoff, editor in chief of lace mag,

Pomo aka sneakerking (>> ) germanys number one shoe expert, Klaus Veilitz from KingPin Fashion GmbH,

Achim Lang from Skunk Funk and Marco Aslim from KPP Salesagency.

The Jury will choose the favourites during the next weeks. All entries will be posted on our webpage during the next days. You are heartly invited to vote!

…I will inform you as soon as all designs are online.

What the fuck happened to this “contest”? there has been no news on the mobus site and it was supposed to have announced a few days or weeks after the may 31 deadline…typical!

i’ve sent then emails asking about the contest with no reply. i have a friend who recieved a generated email saying they recieved his entry and thanked him right after the deadline. i never got a confirmation email that they recieved my work. anyone else?

The contest must be dead. I send an email but no reaction. Nice!

I had a great entry It got me into graduate school. No word from them? I really want an update. Is this common for design competitions?

no word YET!?

If anyone else would like to email and ask, or call, or fax, and yell…

Telefon (07951) 277671
Telefax (07951) 277674

…so much for “a couple of days” i guess.

fill thier mailboxes, voicemail, and jam the fax.
If I wasted all of that time for nothing, i’m pissed.

I’m also pissed off. What a waste!

Does this mean that mobus seea our ideas…possible rip’m off and thats the end??? Why the (&@#$% did I show them my designs?

so now what???

this is really not cool no replies nothing I want a message on their main site contest off we are not using your ideas !!!

someone call IDSA report em (i’m not even sure you can do that ahah, but we should be able to)

That’s such a nice way to threat people.

This whole thing stinks and I don’t like it.

I send several emails about it but no reaction what so ever! Nice going Moebus! Keep it up!

herzliche grüsse,

Mobus has FINALLY announced the winners of the Sneaker Design Competition.

They appologize for the delay. In the end they decided NOT to put the designs on the web, they wanted to keep the designs to themselves, rather than have them stolen by whomever stumbled upon their site.

If you did not receive confirmation, let me know and I will forward you the .pdf’s I was sent.

please post the pdf for all of us to see…or just send one to me at

danke und tchuss

If you did not receive confirmation, let me know and I will forward you the .pdf’s I was sent.

hey dont be bashful. just come out and say it…you must have been shortlisted or something???