Mobile Sketching

Looking to take my digital sketching on the go as I travel or work from home. Does the ID community have suggestions to the best mobile sketching device?

I’m an iPad Pro guy myself.

These are all done on iPad:

Wacom just announced the Wacom One, just $400. And SketchBook software is now free.

In looking at the Wacom One, seems to be more for note taking than designing. Have you used one yet? (no pun intended)

I’ve used the ipad pro a bit, Michael, and its a great mobile companion but the glossy screen/sketching experience isn’t like a Wacom.

Has anyone had the MobileStudioPro?

The Wacom One is just a digitizer screen it’s basically a cheap Cintiq. Wacom has been feeling heat from other companies like Huion coming in with comparable products at a fraction of the price.

I used to use a Surface Pro 3. It does the job as a super portable laptop. But it just wasn’t that great for drawing. The pen gets wiggly at low speed and it felt a bit laggy. That might have been improved in newer versions. The slightly rubberized tip on glass didn’t have the tooth of Wacom but was a bit better than the iPad. There aren’t a lot of tablet specific drawing apps for Windows. Leonardo is probably the best adapted app I used. Using something like Photoshop is a drag on such a small device and pretty much required a keyboard to get anything done. The hinged kickstand is great though.

I now have a 10.5in iPad Pro. I bought it used, 450$ with the pencil and folio keyboard which seems pretty reasonable to me. I use Procreate and I love it! It’s so nice to have an interface that was actually thought out for the device I’m using. I noticed most of the designers I work with who use iPads do almost all their digital sketching on their iPads rather than on their Cintiqs. It also feels like a notebook at work. I can have my CAD, reference images, documents up on my computer screen and jot down what ever on the iPad. I also started using OneNote a lot as a work journal, todo list and place to keep notes and ideas related to different projects. I agree with you that the plastic tip on glass doesn’t feel great and is noisy. I’m currently looking into solutions for it. There’s a whole cottage industry of things. Namely matte screen protectors. Apparently Paperlike, which was designed specifically for pen feel does a pretty good job.

On the Windows side, I think Dell, HP and Lenovo are all using Wacom’s AES digitizer tech which would be better for sketching than what Microsoft uses on the Surface line. But again most of those devices are glossy.

Thanks Louis! Great insight.

Would still love to hear firsthand a designer who has used the MSP. Pricey, but I love that you could have solidworks, internet, and wacom in one.