mobile phone marker rendering

Hi everybody

This is a marker and pastel rendering i just did. Im pretty amateur still and am finding it difficult to get my style tight looking. Any (constructive) advice on how i could improve this rendering would be appreciated.


I cant seem to get the image up for view. bollox, ill keep trying :laughing:

Heres a link straight to the image

yes yo, i am. what am i doing wrong??. i am using xp and tried to follow the instructions you gave on posting images in a previous post but couldnt get it to work


you didnt copy the entire path. your first attempt left off “.jpeg”. the path can run off the edge of the box. keep dragging.

Finally ive cracked, heres the rendering!

this is one of my first attempts using pastels with marker… I can see where things could be alot better but some advice on how this can be achieved would be most welcome

One of your first? Well then I would say great job dude! Love sparking down the real pencil and pastel stuff.

One thing I will say, it is something my old design director used to say to me all of the time right out of school…


It took me a couple of years to get over the desire to punch him every time he said it, which was at LEAST once a day, but I Finnaly got what he was saying.

You got a lot of the basics there. Now it’s time to loosen up and add some flair. Some looser linework over the top, some construction lines, let the pastel flow off the product a bit.

The more you do it, the more this stuff will flow naturally.

It’s like getting ready for a marathon. You arent going to just wake up one day and run the Boston. You are going to get EVERY day and run, and train, and condition. And then when the day comes to run the big race, it’s just another day.

Cheers Yo

Definately finiding it hard to loosen up without it lookin like its trying to hard if you know what i mean. But my aim now is one render a day while i learn to render in photoshop. Got my 1 year work placement to get for this summer. Need to prove i got the skills!!

I find sketching very useful, I think for toy a render a day is great but also dont ignore brainstorming and thumbnails. I do more thumbs daily then renderings. I think quick sketches will get your line quality a lot looser. try gesture drawing and using as few strokes as posible—let it flow

i used to just draw circle 8’s and wierd curves to get loose-then start sketching-might help-also look at your sketching posture-this might be effecting how you draw. I have talked to alot of people who like to draw standing up for there most loose work to come ouy-try different things-c wht wrks for you-

looks pretty good…
my thoughts: pic a definitive light source. Top lit, from the side etc. it will be easier to delineate the 1-2-3 read. when you apply your pastel, make sure it is ground up well…and add some baby powder. That way it will go on nice and smooth and won’t get blotchy. nice work!

just wanted to note that somehow that link goes to my corefolio…
no harm done, just a side note.

yeh i know, its my corfolio

The link goes straight to whover’s corefolio that clicks it, if you are logged into your own corefolio at the time, otherwise it just goes to an expired login page.

duh. he he he my bad. didnt know you could do that.

“Less drawing, more sketching”

I liked that.

@yo t would be fantastic, if you could give some more tips on this. I mean elaborate a bit more on this. This is going to be “a-new-way-discovered” for quite alot

Maybe it’s just me, but I like rendering that look like a concept or a communication of an idea, rather than a photo. I think for that you need to sketch more with the color, linework, pastels, rather than “render” with it. Even in photoshop renderings, you can still keep it loose, and take some artistic liscence in order to convey more information to the veiwer.

It took me a long time to figure out. What helped me is that I used to never render one. I used to draw up like 10 variations, pick 3 to through color on, photocopy each of those 3 times, and rendr all 9. The last one was usually the best because I didn’t care as much how it came out.

Idunno, it worked for me.