Mobile Phone Chargers

This is interesting:

“Morning Edition, July 1, 2009 · The European Union has reached an agreement with all major mobile phone manufacturers to produce a common phone charger. Apart from reducing the frustration of customers juggling incompatible chargers, proponents say the agreement will encourage recycling and reduce electronic waste”

I saw this a few days ago. Of all things to standardize, this makes the most sense. Just look at the increase of cell phone users worldwide over the last decade. A 2005 estimate put it at over 2 billion users.

about time

It should include cameras too… .

It should include everything. 120V is way too high for digital electronics, it’s about time we make a lower standard at 5V or 16V.

How about a worldwide outlet socket this time?

The possibilities are endless

It has to start with one, hopefully it will be the start of a new trend. But why stop here, why not make a smart universal charger (no products comes with any adapter anymore), this way the consumer will truly only have just 1 charger instead of a dozen of the same charger. Having the same universal charger for all cell phones will still make the same amount of chargers made and thrown away… unless they stop including a new charger on all cell phones packages

I don’t get it ? “120V is way to high for digital electronics” You do realize 5 or 16v can’t be used for electrical appliances like 1000W toasters, or vaccum cleaners, etc… This is a scientific fact.

Or maybe you plan to have two kind of plugs on every wall on every home around the world. Is that it ?



We really don’t require separate charger & its cord.
What we need is an efficient, dedicated “USB to Power Adapter” for mobile. (A)
We can charge any mobile through its existing USB connection cord, which is generally used for file sharing, transfer with desktop/laptop.
Mobile manufacturers can sell this Adapter as an accessory & you just purchase it once.

Even… USB can become part of the mobile…
Folded USB (B) could rotate out for connection (no cord :smiley: )
Winding cord USB(C) can be pulled out whenever it is required. (New ideas to add extra mass to ultra thin mobile :wink: )

Toasters and vacuum cleaners aren’t digital electronics. We already have two kinds of plugs (120V in most places & 240V for refrigerators and washing machines).

The problem is that we have no standard for lower power devices. I have about four boxes under my TV that each use about 16V max, but they all have a separate and proprietary power supply connecting to the wall. Same goes for cell phones.

A standard would be nice. We don’t need extra plugs, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a 16V plug in the living room and a 5V plug in bedrooms?

Would be an interesting concept to put a USB socket out of the wall (on same plate as the standard electric socket?) in some places around the house. Since USB charging is becoming more common, why keep USB charging available through your laptop/PC only nowadays?

Nothing would make me happier than a multi-use charger. Trying to recycle/re-use electronics is way more difficult than the average user is willing to go through. I always let everyone know that I’ll take all their misc electronics, batteries, ink cartridges, plastic, gym shoes, glasses, etc & dispose of it at the correct collection sites. The limitations I see not only in my area, but in the major metro area I frequent (Chicago / Suburbs) really worries me about the repercussions of so many just giving up & tossing it into the garbage.

Every little bit counts!!! Definitely check with your local resources & offer to collect for your community if dropping off might be tooooo out of the way for most. Not too mention 1 making the drive is better than many. It’s our world, we all live here & can make difference in our little patch of grass :slight_smile:

Here are some resources to pass on:

Most Best Buy stores will take x amount (check local store policy) electronics per person for disposal.

Most office stores, charities like those in Pet Stores, etc will take ink jet cartridges.

Many charities take old glasses, clothing, cars, etc that you might other-wise have junked.

Nike stores & many charities will take old sneakers not good enough for donation to recycle.

Always Check Up on Charities!

Definitely check your local municipality for collection dates | or doing a collection day on your premises.

I think they are just talking about a standard jack size.

My blackberry and portable nav system happen to have the same power/data jack which is nice so it’s nice to only bring the one adapter when I travel… however my camera uses a different jack which is frustrating… and of course the iPhone’s is unique.

They’re simply requiring to use micro-usb which already exists and is capable of transmitting low voltage power. And has better specs than mini usb.

And Apple is signing-in too so you will be able to recharge your next gen iPhone with everyone’s cellphone charger.

About the former discussion “one same plug all around the world” would be very nice indeed but it’s not that simple. It is not just a matter of form factor.
For instance US is 110v/60Hz and Europe 220/240v range / 50Hz. A transformer (not sure if this is exact english term not my mother tongue) can convert the voltage but for the frequency you need a converter (same here) which doesn’t come cheap and it’s big and heavy too. So standardizing would mean every appliance in say half the world (well they are also oddities like the japanese 100v) would have to be thrown at the landfill…

So let’s just rejoice there will be a one size fits all for mobile phones and you can have one line to hit on that nice person on the bar “Do you have your charger I’ve run out of batteries”
: )
Oh sorry not for you yet guys this hasn’t reached the US so far…

Some standards that we should change in the USA.

  • paper sizes
  • officially change to the metric system and mean it this time
  • power outlets to 240V (lets face it, many appliances require 240v anyhow, and it’s more efficient. at the same time, a new, smaller, universal, safer 240v home use jack should come along with this change.)
  • smart power to virtually eliminate standby leakage.
  • laptop/computer power supplies and/or jacks
  • as a priority, i’d put low dc home power jacks would come after these, but still nice to have to eliminate all those transformers anyhow.

All of these things are possible with a transition period. The most difficult legacy issue would be home power outlets which would probably need a 20 yr transition period. After all, we made everyone in the USA switch to digital tv reception and it hasn’t resulted in worldwide catastrophe.

Well, if we managed to switch from left hand drive to right… although I’m glad I wasn’t born then :wink:

On topic: I hope they make every cell phone maker use Nokia’s charger system. Most durable, universal and neat tiny socket - round hole. Combine it with headphone jack or something.

@engio Well I don’t want to be annoying but, again, they’re not going to use the Nokia charger system, they’re going to use micro-usb.
And, I guess, rather soon other countries will follow as cell phones are really “world products”

@designdesigndesign : totally agree about metric, etc

An interesting link to get a grasp on the diversity of electrical plugs :
Terrifyingly complex. You realize one universal plug is just not gonna happen. Well, they are some very clever “international traveller plug adapters”…

To me one of the weirdest is the UK plugs : those things are way bigger than most portable devices nowadays…