Mixing Industrial with UI / UX in a portfolio.

It seems as though there is a lot of crossover between digital product and physical product design, and a lot of designers transition from one to the other.

How would you guys go about including either or, or both in your portfolio if someone has experience in both?


Wrestling with that topic myself, at the moment.
I like how the Swedish agency ABOVE do it. Equal weighting to ID/UX in the projects overview and each case study (even if that wasn’t completely how it went down, who cares).
There’s also a lot of evidence of prototyping, but very little evidence of ‘hard’ engineering, CAD, production…maybe that kind of stuff scares UX clients :slight_smile:

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They have a super nice site though. It feels very editorial.

I enjoy it as well. I like the CHALLENGE - APPROACH - RESULT way of breaking down their projects. I may incorporate this into my portfolio I’m currently working on.

It’s interesting. I came out of school in 2016 as just an industrial designer, and worked on physical products on my own time and am developing a furniture line that is near completion and ready to be released. I put my name out there in my area and got nothing but digital UI / UX, logo & branding freelance design jobs. I’m wanting to go back into physical products, and am working on some side projects to add into my portfolio and show what I’ve learned with surfacing & rendering.

Finding that good balance between UI/UX & branding with industrial will be interesting and can’t wait to get your guys’ feedback on it.

Smaller companies or startups often need more multi role players. Larger companies can afford to hire deep specialists, so maybe that could be a good fit for you.