mistakes at work

hey…lets share horror stories.

whats the biggest mistake you made at work? and did it cost $, pride or your job?

two-none costed me any money but I learned my lesson.

one I was caught chating on IM, Boss didnt mind too much it was kind of a laid back time day-but he just said that he doesnt want to see any of that when there is a job to be done-and that makes sense-

second time i was resting my head on the table and was caught-wasnt sleeping but looked like it - i was extremely tired had just pulled like 2 or three all nighter in a row running on fumes and then at work at 9:30 in the moring sitting at my desk with 5 samples just waiting to be revised-and i could barely keep my eyes open-boss was understanding but told me that when i come in i better be on the ball and be ready to roll-and i wasn;t tht day-but he understood, that i am in school also-but tht wasnt an excuse-

so both mine were kind of embarassing and made me look un-professional but have grown from it-but still get exhasuted from time to time-I am human-

sry guest no real juicy stories yet—

One year during the annual review phase, I was asked to provide feedback on a senior project manager whom I worked very closely with. She was a big fish in the company and the request was given to me from one of our VP’s.

When filling out the form and providing my mediocore review of her not-so-great preformance, I accidentally clicked the reply-all button with the attached document. Immediately I realized i had just sent the form out to the V.P., the person I was reviewing, and everybody else that was asked to review her performance. Everybody read about how i didn’t think she was doing her job well.

Needless to say, from then on it was very awkward working with this woman. Also, I looked like a complete dumbass in front of the VP. One lesson I learned is to always provide feedback that is honest and critical but know that it may end up being read by that person directly.

Regarding, the last post:
Sleeping on the job, IM’ing??? At the companies I’ve worked for, those activities are fine as long as you get your job done and meet deadlines. Results are what matters. I know it’s not the same everywhere though.

this is a by the skin of my teeth story…i was just out of school and had landed my first id gig…one day i was scheduled to fly out to a trade show on the corp jet with the ceo and four vps at 6am…the ceo was notorious for insisting that the jet go ‘wheels up’ on time so i set my alarm for 3am, sure i would make the one hr trip to the airport in time…you can guess the rest…my alarm didn’t go off but at 6:05 i was awakened by the phone…my vp was calling me to tell me that because of the overnight snow storm the ceo was running late and if i thought i could make it to the airport they would hold the plane for 30 min…i told him there was no way i could make it in time…thanking god for chicago winter weather, i got dressed and schlept into the office, blaming the storm for missing the plane to my coworkers but forever embarassed internally by my screw up…i threw the alarm clock away when i got home that night

Alarm clocks get me all the time making me late for meetings. Power surges in the middle of the night, throws off everything making you late in the morning. Switched to a wind-up, but then the ticking keeps you up. Now I’ll only trust battery operated for time critical appointments.

Not so much of a mistake as it was really embarrassing…I was the victim of a toilet malfunction in the company restroom. I didn’t even have my pants up yet when I had to throw the stall door open and run out with a wave of water behind me. I surveyed the mess behind me and turned to see the look on the president’s face who just happened to be standing there watching the whole thing. After that day every time he saw me he would ask if I was “staying out of trouble”.

1976 - third day on the job … making a 4’x4’x4’ plaster cast of a plug … I didn’t take the advice of my super on the amount of support structure required for the weight … the side blew out of the flask just as the last of the plaster was being poured … spent the rest of the day cleaning up solidifying plaster from under workbenchs and shop power tools.

I worked through the night to keep up the production schedule and pulled the job off on time … barely.

But it took about two years for the nickname ‘Soupy’ to go away.

Use the alarm funtion on your mobi phone (cell) - you even get to download nice tunes to wake-up to.

actually - i’m living through a mistake right now - designers in my dept. didn’t proof printer proofs carefully enough - and we’re paying $32K in penalties right now. Hind sight is 20/20, I know - but some days it can be a real challenge to keep a cool head.

2nd week on job- I was using wire clippers and a small thick piece of wire ricochetted off the edge of the bench and shot up my nose. Good thing I was wearing safety glasses.

I had to go to the doctor to have it checked out, probably swallowed it before I got there. Imagine trying to explain to receptionist on phone, receptionist at desk, nurse, intern, finally doctor. Doc did some probing, and noted some irritation…

Every single person at work knew me after that…

My biggest mistake was interviewing. I took off work, to interview at a toy company to design happy meal toys. My employer found out, and he fired me!

broozee - thats shocking! did you have a contract ? surely that is a case of Unfair dismissal !!

Wow, sorry to hear about the happy meal job gone bad.

Here is a story. Imagine being in a business meeting with Vp’s, executives and you are a junior level designer with 3 years under your belt. Everyone is extremely professional. You have on your best suit. All of a sudden everyone gets up to exchange business cards. You realize that you have run out of cards and the only cards that you have happen to have writing on the back. Keep in mind everyone else is exchanging cards and you are just sitting there. Not to mention you are the only American in the room. Yikes!

The big boss turns to you and says where is your business card. You whisper that you don’t have any but you have some that have writing on the back. He looks at you with discuss and says that is unprofessional and you should know better. Imagine the shameful feeling, especially knowing how Americans are viewed by other countries.

Not to mention later that day I realized I gave an executive designer a business card that had wirting on the back. To this day I have no idea what was written on the back of that card. Lessons learned!

i was checking personal e mail and got one that said someone has used my personal information for something (this is when spam was first out) and i had to see who was using it and what this warning was. guess who was standing behind me when some some large blaring text comes up to say that i like having sex with young college girls? im straight and female.

we all laughed.