mirrored flim

any suggestions on applying chrome, mirror fims to PU/eva or rubber.
is it possible
water dipped only?
where can i resource these films?

try http://www.alsacorp.com/

there are two compnaies that I am aware of:

Savcor and Aquadec, both based in Europe

you can electro plate TPU to get a chrome finish. the same type of finish as used on ABS plastic bathroom fauctes, and chrome plastic kitchen appliances.

As well, you can get from most PU suppliers in asia a chrome TPU film with a similar finish. One supplie I know is Unique Group, from Taiwan. I’ve never seen chrome on EVA or rubber, except a small detail cemented on.


you can always print a metallic finish on eva but it will never be as shinny as a real metal.

Another thing I can think of is to wrap a cut EVA wedge with a thin PU or PVC material. I would imagine this could be done with a foil material as well.