Mirror mirror onthe wall which is the best school to opt for

ID mirror on the wall which is the best school to opt for ?

  • IIT - Illinois Institute of Tech
  • University of Illinois - UC
  • Virginia Tech
  • University of Wisconsin - Stout
  • Pratt
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Carneige mellon
  • University of Northumbria, Newcasstle england
  • Royal college of Art, London
  • Others

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ok lets have a go " which schools would you pick. I’ll put up a poll here.
(general overall for both UG and PG)

please state any schools if you pick ‘others’

also state why you pick the school.

the system tells me that I have tried to enter too many options so
I cannot put in the rest — art center, SCAD, RISD, UMEA etc etc

what’s you favorite color?

How can you expect us to even begin to answer this, when you have given us no information? There is no “best school in the world.” There is only the best school for each student. We don’t know anything about what you would look for in a school- hello, we don’t even know if you’re looking for an undergrad or grad program! What do you want to study- product, transportation, exhibit…?

I have a really hard time seeing how people expect random users of a message board to tell them where to go to school in the first place, but you are guaranteed to get completely random answers when you don’t even tell us the first thing about yourself and your interests.


sorry folks:

I should add this is for Industrial design
and is for both undergrad and postgrad.
— going for ‘thinking’ schools with strong innovative designs and a strong aesthetic training.

now I see some results on the poll.
looks different from the other poll where more people show a preference for art schools.

you only put one undergraduate art school in the listing… so no surprise there. No CCS, CIA, ACCD or AAC, all of which have much better programs than half the schools on the above list.

With only 5 people responding at this point, it seems a little difficult to draw any kind of conclusion.

i know… but the system doesn’t allow me to put more schools in. (see my note earlier up) and I meant to see the overall preference of schools for Industrial design regardless if the schools have only UG or UG and PG.

I think there are a few more colleges coming up for ID. One of those in the States is U of Minnesota

in all I still believe that its the student who makes the course worthwhile other than having the approprite facilities and of course great teachers.
I learnt a lot when I was a student. I am thinking that if I was educated in the States, I could have learnt a lot more due to it credit system and for the liberal arts program. I think its very useful. I learnt the other humanites and courses on my own and incorporate them into my work when I was a student. Then, no one had advised me how to pick schools and nevermind how to structure my learning. Internet wasn’t widely used then too…

You need to do some process of elimination. Do you WANT to be in the US or Abroad? Do you want a large university or a small art school? Do you want to be in an urban or rural area? Can you afford all of those schools?

Those are decisions that you need to make before you can even start thinking of some place as an option. And after that you should visit the school to see if it’s right for you.

School is about finding a fit. The best program in the world won’t benefit you if you aren’t happy there. College is still about 4 years of your life not just the piece of paper you get at the end.

That is very well put and great advice for anyone applying to schools.

How is it both for undergrad and postgrad? If you mean that you are wanting to go to the same place for both, I would strongly discourage this. A big part of school is the social atmosphere and the way you react to it, and you learn so much about yourself by putting yourself into an unfamiliar place/situation. So staying one place for six years of school is going to get so familiar to you that by the end you’re just going through the motions.

If you mean that you’d like to evaluate the schools independently of considerations about the grad or undergrad programs, that’s just naive. They are such different animals, there’s no reason to take one into consideration when you’re applying for the other. Make some choices for yourself (location, grad vs. undergrad, etc.) before you ask other people to make them for you.

well did I say I was looking to go into studying ?..

Agree that there are different colleges to suit different characters. But the general college reputation is also important. Along with other detailed considerations. The amount of money put into an education is so big
these days, people have to ask more questions especially if its a PG.

you have only hit a minor range of considerations that I am thinking. I was and am still wondering how other people are picking their schools. I don’t have much time to add in more context here. Well
this is an American site so its best to ask mainly American schools. I add in some British colleges too just to see how people here respond.

I didn’t state I was making the poll because I want to go back to school. Yes I did mention about schooling in other threads but that doesn’t imply that when I start a thread it must be for looking for the college for further studying. I have already sorted out exactly which few schools I would like to go when I was an UG. The thread I am putting up is really to a check on my thinking about schools then and now as well as how others are looking at them. I am also using this to look into other areas too.

cheers !

Just to clarify: I don;t need others to do up a decision for me. I want an opinion of how they see the schools given a simple scenario. (probably not too good an idea…) When I posted the thread, I just wanted to see a response. Never did I expect people to ask these side lines. Put it this way, if I put up so much detail, perhaps I have defeated my own purpose of setting them up in the first place. Its a good side tracking.

Cheers anyway

Check out the MIlwaukee institute of Art and Design instead of stout

It may be more expensive, but is more about free thinking-creativity, and I believe the faculty (recently improved) is excellent. Small classes and one of the best workshops in the country (from what ive heard)

I see you are from MIAD :slight_smile:

Could you elaborate further why MIAD instead of Stout ?
Who are on the faculty ? thanks !

surprised that no one opt for IIT. I would have thought that was in the cards. Not even RCA in England make it to the list when it is reputed to receive scholars to the school from all over the world.