Miro vs Figma/Figjam vs?

My group (part of industrial design under the Peloton umbrella) is the heaviest user of Miro across the enterprise. By ‘heavy’ I mean in terms of storage bytes. This is likely due to everyone in the group using it for moodboards, sketch collaboration, remote design reviews, and even plain old storage/transport.

Wondering if anyone out here has used Figma or Figjam in a similar image-heavy way, and can share pros/cons of that platform. I can see benefits to using Figma in the obvious ties to UX workflows, maps, prototypes, in addition to the Adobe backing.

I’m migrating from Miro to Figma this year, as a freelancer makes more sense the 2-in-1 subscriptions.
Figjam handles images and videos pretty all right, the only bad part of this shift was exporting all old Miro boards into documents. From a small business perspective was doable, but I imagine for a bigger group could be a more extensive process.

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Thanks. Yes I was anticipating a massive export would be time consuming. I think we’d just make a clean break, making frames and exporting PDFs for archiving the Miro.