Minio Chair by mixcv

Avant garde furniture, cruel joke,

… or drivel?

A new era of chairs design has become more and more well-received lately. Experiments, absolute creativity, sometimes comfort and aesthetics fit into the current prototype pattern.

Mino chair produces an interesting and dividable appearance, but also the utility for community functions which can be assembled in bench, or used freestanding. It is made of tubular steel, and when grouped in more than one chair it gives the aspect of the chair line furniture with a visual trap. It can easily be rearranged to fit all the needs, and what is more important for nowadays requirements, it can fit any modern décor. With its excessiveness of simplicity, it provides an easily adaptable design for every occasion, moment, time and atmosphere.

It is an up-to-date conception, petite mind maneuver and the original imagination, just like the one we didn’t expect to find in a chair, yet, however, as the world develops, everything else moves along with it.

Natasa Vukobratovic


Solid 4 out of 10.