Minimalist Furniture Designs

I have recently uploaded one of my furniture designs to Behance and was hoping to get feedback on this project. I have many more designs that I am planning on uploading soon, but I wanted to see what you all thought about my design and the way I am showcasing it. I was extremely influenced by minimalism and Scandinavian design for these furniture designs.
Thank You,

Post images directly into the forum if you want the most people possible to see it and give feedback.

The grain on the legs is problematic. I don’t think it is possible.

The grain on the top is problematic. It’s difficult to find a single board that wide. Boards of that width are hard to control. Any warping will detract from the design.

How do the legs attach to the top? What will make it stable?

The proportions of the legs have me think of baseball bats. Was that your intention?

Overall, you do not add anything new to minimalism.

Hi Shawn,

Yo is right, if you post some pictures directly you will get more feedback! However, here are my thoughts:

-The first image provides no value in my opinion, and I feel that if you were to include it I would put it on a page with another image
-Overall composition could be improved upon, but I do like the off-white background
-Light and shadow look good, however I would adjust the grain on the legs to make it feel more realistic and to provide a more accurate depiction, as well as the top.
-Due to the design being so minimal, I would like to know a little more about your intent and inspiration behind the design besides being inspired by minimalism and Scandinavian design. You probably realized from this exercise that minimalism can be extremely difficult to do well.
-Due to the taper on the legs being so minimal, it almost feels unintentional, and is visually distracting in my opinion.

I think you will continue to get some valuable feedback from this forum and I look forward to seeing more! Good luck.

This is good feedback I really appreciate it, AVClub and iab.

This feels like a very early college exercise, where there was consideration for the basic form but not much else.

A key to most minimalist furniture is an extreme attention to detail in regards to joinery, scale, proportion, etc. On a white background with a CGI rendering it’s impossible to tell any of that and it comes off as a 15 minute CAD exercise.

Consider adding objects to give the scale meaning. Is this a desk, a dining table?

Creating a good joint between a table leg like that is easy to hide when it’s out of frame, hard to hide in real life. Creating a joint that would be stable while supporting the off axis angle is very tricky - how do you attach it? (Screwing won’t work since the leg is at an angle and if the end of the leg were at an angle it would never meet the table surface correctly. Thinking through that joint alone may make you rethink the entire concept.

I agree with Mike. Something to think about, define for yourself the difference between aesthetic, physical, and conceptual minimalism, none of which are to be confused with the lifestyle of minimalism. All three are different. Now define the difference between simplicity and aesthetic minimalism. Right now this project is physically minimal but aesthetically simple in my view. To be aesthetically minimal there needs Ronnie more of a sense of visual drama achieved in way that is still physically minimal and not whimsical.