Minimal friction silicone/rubber

Are there any grades of silicone or surface finishes that provide elasticity under pressure but also possess a low friction surface e.g. two air inflated silicone balls that when pressed together can still easily slide against each other under repeated conditions?

Thanks for any advice.

Most of the time, the same material properties that give rubbers and silicones their stretch (bunches of coiled up polymer molecules throughout) also cause a lot of friction (think of the coiled molecules like a whole bunch of nano-scale fingers or nubs that catch with molecules on other surfaces)

Probably your best bet is to use a silicone-based lubricant to reduce the friction. Make sure that the oil or lubricant you use is compatible with the silicone or rubber, since many oils will dissolve or break down rubbers.

Thanks for the reply I may have to go that route but was hoping to avoid using fluids. I thought there may be an exterior surface solution like applying a PTFE netting or such but then that would tend to wear quite quickly.

Thanks again