Miniature feedback

As a side project I have been making 3D printed miniatures and board gaming supplies at Shapeways, and while I’m happy with how the designs are turning out so far there is always room for improvement. So I am here to ask you guys for feedback. What do you like, and what don’t you like? I feel the next iteration should be much more posable and there are some parts I feel that could use more refinement (like the forearms on the rover and the upper legs on the humanoid one) It looks like I can only add 3 attachments per post so you can see more here:

Here are a couple early sketches:

super fun!

On the Bi-ped guy, the hip area is a little “badge” or shield" like. It doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of it to my eye, but I think that is pretty knit picky.

Overal, I think these are great. Do you sell them?

Thanks Yo! Yeah the hip area was one of the last areas to be designed and feels a little pasted on. Glad you like them!

That’s the plan. I have a Shapeways store set up, but I’m still getting a handle on the self promotion/marketing thing. “Build it and they will come” doesn’t really apply when you and a million other people are all competing for attention. :wink:

Good stuff man! How delicate is it? Some of the connection parts look thin, but if the plastic is up to stuff I see no issues with it.

It’s pretty durable. I dropped the humanoid one and his head popped off, but a little glue and he was fine. The nylon prints are very durable and springy.

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I just finished these little Meeples (pawn or people tokens for board games) It was good practice getting clean smooth surfaces to blend together correctly, even if at that scale you might not notice the difference.