Mini portfolio feedback

Hi, I’ve put together a min-portfolio and hoped I could get some feedback. When sending it out I will remove some of the pages or re-order it depending on the company / role. I’ve just read the replies to a previous post by jedgemo, and am now worried that I don’t have enough pages or projects. This is more of a teaser portfolio, not something that I would take to an interview.

As a recent graduate how many projects should I be aiming to show?
Is there enough / too much description of the projects?
Do the projects need to be more clearly seperated?


Nice teaser- you have some good work…

It would be nice if you had a one-sentence or shorter description of each project in big font. The detailed explanation that you have is not bad, but I think 9 out of 10 people will not take the time to read it. An example of a shorter explanation- for your truck and packaging- could be “build-your-own-toy encourages creativity”

This is picky, but I don’t know what ‘the little experience’ is, so that made it harder for me to understand that project.

A great way to separate your projects would be to put the logo of each project (or some sort of indicator) in the top right hand corner of each page, like you did with ‘the little experience.’

Finally, I’m not sure if this is as important for a teaser, but you may want to include a little information about yourself somewhere- like your school and interests, maybe on the first page.

Best of luck with your future adventures!