Any opinions or comments?

truthfully i thought of those mini-PCs that are showing up everywhere.

The mini macs are not for the people here. They are the cheap Walmart version… and they don’t come with a monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. for that price either.

They would make a nice jukebox/DVD player/web browser/digital photo viewers for the living room. The DVI connector lets you connect it to a HD tv set and run at native 720p and 1080i resolutions.

I think it’s just made as an intro to the mac world and interface for the non-mac, PC based ipod owners. I think it may be a successful strategy to pull them in and get others who would’ve never bought a mac due to price. Once they get a taste of the ease of use and interface than they’ll go mac. It’s just a brand channeler.

Skinny you summed it up nicely. And after you buy a screen, keyboard, etc, you’ll be shelling out $900 - $1000. Apple has discovered a whole new market of “switchers” because of the iPod and they’re trying to bridge the gap. Good business sense, and I thnk it will work well for them.

I also think people will try to compare the mini to the failure of the cube because of it’s design, but the price makes all the difference.

Everybody that has owned a computer in the past 10 years already has a perfectly good monitor, mouse, and keyboard-- the computer is obselete long before the peripherals are…