Mini documentaries are awesome

Maybe I am just a little bit behind the times but the mini documentary is awesome and fun. I love the little movies about a person or event that is cool. I find just heaps of inspiration in these little gems. Some of my favorites recently are

A sign artist very inspirational

Core’s front page about boom boxes

and the Banksy Village pet shop lots of videos but all super cool

I love seeing these lives and ideas. The list just goes on so feel free to keep updating this post with your favorites.

I like mini-docs too. Oddly enough Palladium Boots has some really great mini docs on their site.

This is a great one about detroit and designers trying to get it back on its feet again.

London Pirate Radio



and more…

Awesome thanks for the info when I get a free moment at work I will have check a few of these out.

Shinya Kimura, Chabott Engineering - Custom Motorcycle Builder

A little bit of an artsy short doc/film but nonetheless lovely to watch.