you guys,
would be nice if you could say something about my prortfolio.

i have no idea what’s it like with portfolios in other countries than germany & i’d like to study in the us.

you can see it at www.chaosworks.org → therapy V

there are actually two, the second one which opens in a pop up and parts of the first one at the bottom of that page, but the first one sucks.

thnx :slight_smile:

a bit dark to read 8o)
quite difficult to navigate due to size/visibility of navigation links :o(
overall cool look :o)

Navigation is pretty bad. You got to fix that. I was searching for buttons but couldn’t find them. That is pretty annoying. Use a menu or something like that. And like dvg, it’s pretty dark. Maybe it has to be dark but this is a bit too much. A good page but it needs some small changes. Good luck!

are you guys talking about my site or about the portfolio itself? ^^

well, it all works perfectly well with firefox & IE here ^^

portfolio is really good but visibility must be adjusted.
1st time i was looking at it at full sun here-very dificult…but browsing whilst being in a darkroom is bearable %)
perhaps you can increase the size of the font and drop typeface’ shadows?

yeah i’ll take care of that ^^
the site is optimized for 1024x768 or 800x600, might be a problem if your resolution is higher than that ?!?

yep…i run 1280x1024
grab this freeware sizer-very helpful for resolution optimization