Man i am bummed out!
i havent really traditionally sketched in quite a while… a good month or so.

so just now got out my trusty pen and paper to sketch and guess what!
i was having a hard time!

gotta get back in shape.
gonna be doing mindfields, sketch exercises.

let me know what you guys think.

When you don’t use a language for awhile, it takes a bit to get fluent again, but it comes back quickly. I think these are pretty cool. Looks like you started to warm beck up on the second page…

Really confident linework. I agree with yo, some of thoes 2nd page watches are on the money.

still not liking my line work : [

using alot more lines than i usually use:

might take me awhile to get back on track. bummer.

Remember the rule. Bold outside lines, light inside lines. This will help you to make the sketches “pop” again.