Mimic structureal qualities in a rapid prototype SLS or FDM?


Was hoping to use Firstcut (after seeing it in a recent post) to make a functional model of a battery enclosure however their build size is too small -Limited to 10" x 7" x 3"

Our enclosure is closer to 15" x 8 x 3"

The enclosure is for an electric bike - and the battery it houses is quite heavy. I would like to make a prototype to test that our internal structure for holding the battery is “sound”

From my (admittedly very quick) research is seems that SLS or FDM may be appropriate. Any suggestions on the best way to mimic ABS? (structurally)

The other option would be to find a similar vendor to Firstcut with a bigger CNC bed.

Any suggestions?


CNC…most definitely. The obvious difference being that you will never be able to mimic ABS exactly due to the stress of molding vs. the stress of machining.

If you’re looking for local…2 guys come to mind:

Pattern’s and Prototypes - ask for John www.patproto.com…he’s pretty busy right now though.

All Points Machining - ask for Alain (don’t think he has a website).

John is probably more suited to your job…but hard to say for sure.

If you use either…don’t forget to stop by…our office is next to and above them (respectively).