Milestone present

Anybody purchased/ used the SAYL chair, and recommends, or rather to criticise??
Considering for a milestone 40th birthday present, for an industrial designer, or any other suggestion, greatly welcome

I don’t know this chair but the HM chairs are the best, this would be a great gift for any ID’er (Industrial Designer turning 35 this year)

If it was me, I’d prefer a chromed-out Aeron, or the new mono-color Cosm, or even the Embody, all from HM, over anything that fuse had a hand in. Studio 7.5 know their craft, no Juicero bs here.

That Cosm has some weird clashes. The base and some of the armrests look reused from another product. I’m biased though, I have a Mirra chair.

Yeah I love the Mirra. Bought them for our design group as they have a resemblance to the seat back on one of our bike products.

I’d recommend the Knoll Generation chair over the Sayl chair based on sitting in both.

Or just get one of the Eames aluminum series chairs.

Can’t beat an Eames soft pad or Time Life. All those new looking alien ones are weird and already look dated to me. Aluminum group is nice but not much padding.


Too true. I have the aluminum series and I wish I had an inch of padding… I’m starting to be an old man :slight_smile:

I’d highly recommend finding a HM dealer and test drive its comfort at a worksurface for a while. Then find other dealers and try their exec./task chairs (Allsteel, Steelcase, Haworth, Knoll, etc.).

For comfort and overall visual balance, I prefer Allsteel’s Mimeo chair. Sayl missed the comfort mark to me.